Debt/Rent Recovery Services

Specialists in recovering unpaid rent and dealing with tenants
The vast experience of our in-house debt recovery team and our licensed and certified bailiff is key to ensuring a fast and positive outcome to your debt situation.

Expert advice on the most cost effective rent recovery process for you
Our debt recovery experts will review your situation and advise you on what is likely to be the most cost effective route to recover the unpaid rent and the likelihood of a successful repayment and rough scales for the process.

Other Tracing and Debt Recovery Services

Pre-Court Letter:
Our pre-court action letter will show your tenants how serious you are about collecting what’s owed to you. This is a formal letter outlining the money owed and states payment needs to be made in full within 7 days before Enforcement of Judgment (CCJ) or small claims proceedings are enforced or a notice seeking possession is served

Tracing Services:
If you don’t know where the tenant is now living and don’t know where to start, we have access to internal and third party systems which are more robust than electoral roll tracing. Combined with our investigative experience we have very high rates of success with results returned anywhere between 7 to 14 days. However, some traces can take longer depending on the tenants, credit history and time spent in the UK.  Our trace for a residential address costs

£69.00 +VAT. However, if you need and employment check then please speak to a member of the team.

Small Claims:
If you have not been awarded a Judgment (CCJ) for money owed, we can apply to the County Court for Judgment to enforce the debt up to the value of £10,000.  Once a CCJ is registered against the tenant, not only will this have a negative effect on their credit status it will allow you to enforce collection of the debt for up to 6 years. The cost to start small claims proceedings is £339.00 +VAT & Court Fees which are based on how much you wish to claim for. Once you have Judgment then the options for enforcement below are your next steps. To get started with a small claim please complete and return the attached instruction form with supporting documents of the amount owed.

To enforce an active CCJ the following options are available to you..

Attachment to Earnings Order (AOE)
If you already have Judgment (CCJ) against the tenant then an AOE could help you to recover the debt quicker. An attachment of earnings order instructs the debtors employer to deduct money from their wages to pay back the debt. The employer is obliged to comply and will send the payments directly to the court who will send the money on to you. In some cases up to 17% of the monthly payment can be awarded to the claimant, however this all does depend on how much the debtor owes. An AOE cannot be applied for if the debtor is self-employed, unemployed or in the Army, Airforce or Navy.  The cost of this £399.00 +VAT.

High Court Writ of Control (Writ)
With Judgement (CCJ) A writ commands that a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCO) can take control and/or sell enough of a debtor’s goods in order to obtain the funds to satisfy the CCJ. HCO’s have more enforcement powers than County Court Bailiffs and can access the property or seize cars and tools, stock and money. With self-employed they can still be pursued. However, employment related tools and equipment to the value of £1,200 are protected, above this figure they can be seized along with personal belongings or vehicles pertaining to the self-employed status. Once you have obtained a Writ, this is valid for 12 months so that more than one visit can be made to the property where required. If the debt isn’t collected in full in the 12 months, it would have to be renewed. Cost for the Writ of control start from £499.00 +VAT.