Spend your money on what you love

Reposit is a tenancy deposit alternative that saves you money.
Instead of paying an expensive security deposit, which is normally four or five weeks’ rent upfront, you can secure your property by paying a 1 week service charge to Reposit.

Save time
Reposit operates through a user-friendly web platform, meaning that your agent can get you moved in quicker.

Save on upfront costs
You can spend money on what you love: new wardrobe, dream holiday or even save towards buying your own home – Reposit gives you back financial freedom.

The process

Step 1: You find your dream property and the landlord confirms they are happy to use Reposit.
Step 2: You clear the referencing process*.
Step 3: You pay a non-refundable service charge equal to just 1 week’s rent.
Step 4: At end of tenancy, the check-out will be undertaken. If there are no damages or rent outstanding, the Reposit will close 24 days after the end of tenancy date.

*We only accept responsible tenants. Those who don’t pass our initial referencing checks may require a guarantor to pass referencing on their behalf.

The boring bits

  • The Reposit service charge is non-refundable and cannot be offset at end of tenancy.
  • As a tenant, it is always your choice whether you rent a property by using Reposit or a traditional cash deposit.
  • Like a traditional deposit, you will remain liable for any unreasonable damage or rent arrears at the end of tenancy. If you default on fair payment, it will impact your credit score.
  • At end of tenancy, your landlord can create a claim through Reposit. It is your right to either agree or dispute the claim. If you choose to dispute, we will ask for you to provide evidence which will be sent off to an independent adjudicator.
  • The adjudicator’s decision is always final and binding as outlined in our Tenant T&Cs. Their decision can only be challenged in a court of law, similar to a traditional deposit scheme.

For more information speak to your Agent about Deposit Replacement Insurance.