Landlords Emergency Cover

Landlords Emergency Cover is a 12 month policy which covers a wide range of domestic problems and breakdowns.

For more information about this new insurance for private landlords please get in touch, but don’t hang around we expect this to be popular at this rate.

✓ Burst pipes or sudden leakage

✓ Failure of your domestic water mains or electricity supply

✓ Blocked drains or sewers

✓ Failure of your domestic heating system

✓ Inoperable toilet where no other toilet is available in the property (please note that cover is not provided for Saniflow toilets)

✓ Failure or damage to your property’s locks, doors or windows

✓ Failure of roofing, guttering or down-piping and further water damage is likely as a result

✓ An infestation of pests

✓ We will pay up to £100 for overnight accommodation should your property become uninhabitable

✓ If your boiler is declared to be beyond economic repair, we will make a contribution of £250 towards replacing it