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The fees ban means that you’ll need to be very aware of your business income. You’ll probably want to explore ways in which you can increase it.

We’ve got one, and it’s very effective.

It could earn you 60 % of what you lose when the fees ban comes in.

We pay generous commission

We sell insurance designed for landlords and tenants and partner with selected agents who provide us with leads for insurance. We’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and we’re very protective of our status. Others may pass leads on to call centres or comparison sites, but we’d never do that. In fact, we go the extra mile to ensure complete compliance with FCA rules and with all the terms of GDPR.

We don’t ask you to do the selling. In fact, as an Introducer Appointed Representative or IAR you’d be breaching the terms of an agreement if you did. But you can do these things:

  • Mention Rent Protection insurance to Landlords
  • Distribute information to Landlords
  • Capture details and send leads to our Insurance Team
  • Ask Landlords to call or email us

That’s not hard, is it?

In return, you’ll earn commission from every successful sale of a policy.

Don’t think we’re talking peanuts. For example, your earnings from a Rent Protection policy we sell could cover the cost of a reference. It all adds up. If we convert 20% of your leads from ten lets, typical earnings could be over £180 – or over £400 if Tenants Liability insurance is mandatory.

It’s not a one-off either – if the policies are renewed, you’ll earn again.

Rental Essentials are now in our commission scheme too…

Our new range of essential landlord and tenant services can also earn you valuable commission.

You can watch your Commission Pot grow – and earnings can be substantial.  We can even set things up so that you can see which branch or team member is doing the most to help your agency thrive.  It’s completely above board and transparent. We’ll make sure you know the rules and how everything works.

Let’s talk about boosting your income and setting up your Commission Pot.

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