Emergency Cover

Landlords Emergency Cover (LEC) and Home Emergency Cover (HEC) are 12 month policies that cover a wide range of domestic problems and breakdowns for your own residential property and your buy-to-let.

Take out a single policy for £120*


Pay £199* for both policies together (LEC and HEC).

*Inclusive of IPT

What’s covered?

✓ Boiler breakdown any age boiler

✓ Blockage, collapse, or leakage of the water supply pipe

✓ Sudden and unexpected failure of or damage to the internal plumbing system, including escapes of water and fixed heating systems

✓ Sudden and unexpected failure of or damage to the drainage system

✓ Sudden and unexpected failure of your domestic central heating system due to mechanical or electrical failure or malfunction

✓ Breakdown or failure of the permanent domestic electrical wiring system and its components

✓ Damage to the internal gas supply pipe following a gas leak

✓ An emergency relating to the security, roofing, pests, or loss of keys

✓ If our approved engineer deems the cost of repair to exceed the cost of replacement, thus making the boiler beyond economic repair, a contribution of £250 towards replacing it is covered

✓ Nil excess