Open Banking and SMART references

We’ve taken advantage of Open Banking technology to deliver SMART references, which are fast, accurate and remarkably good value.

The method is simple for everyone. The applicant allows us access via a simple widget*, and once all the details are checked, we will give you an affordability and confidence score for each individual applicant.

And providing you submit the application by our 4 p.m. deadline, we’ll get this SMART reference completed that very day.


Real-Time Data –  Using real-time data as well as six unique algorithms provides a true and accurate understanding of an applicant’s income

Direct Bank Data – We access raw bank data from the bank, providing a seamless and straightforward onboarding experience for an applicant as well as more accurate figures calculated specifically for each applicant

Calculated Income – We provide a specific income figure from raw bank data for each applicant and validate this figure using our unique algorithms to assess an applicant’s affordability capabilities

Confidence Score – We will review the validated checks and provide an overall confidence score of each specific applicant. Assessing vague income match flags to give you and your Landlord peace of mind.

Multiple Incomes – We review multiple incomes providing a clearer insight beyond basic salaries.

Benefits Income – We review an applicant’s benefits income allowing you to decide if this meets yours or your Landlord’s renting criteria.

Filter Incomes –  Every agency or Landlord will have different referencing criteria they assess. This tool allows you to view individual income scores to create a reference based on relevant criteria.


Seamless onboarding experience – enhancing the applicant’s journey using calculated income figures compared to the data the applicant enters allows you to flag up any mistakes such as net income vs gross income or forgetting overtime pay

Reduce operational costs – using this high-tech system allows your company to reduce employee time on the phone or emails chasing references. Offered at fair and competitive rates, you can cut costs and time allowing more focus on other areas. Time is money!

Make accurate and responsible decisions about an applicant’s suitability – allow us to help you by providing a quick and strong assessment of an applicant’s income ability, avoiding vague verifications. With a detailed income figure and a confidence score, you can be positive about each specific applicant’s suitability for the property.

Verify any applicant – once you have reviewed the applicant’s income assessment and confidence score, you can choose to take a deeper dive into an applicant’s employment and renting history. You can upgrade to ‘verified’, where our tenant referencing team will use their investigating techniques to provide clear insights for further peace of mind for all parties.

Train your team and applicants to understand the benefits of Open Banking – which has been around for a couple of years now. All banks utilise this now on their smart apps and soon, anyone looking for finance or a mortgage will have to opt-in to Open Banking to gain approval and create full transparency.

Get deals completed faster – for your landlord, tenants and lettings team.

*Open Banking must be fully opted in by the applicant in order for the check to be conducted.