Tenant referencing: driven by technology, backed by experience

With friendly service, options to suit all tenants and online access, our superb value referencing lets you get on with your day job. 

Potential tenants differ – that’s why we offer multiple types of referencing. From our first new innovative step, SMART checks, you can upgrade to the most comprehensive checks on the market. You can choose a Fast Track service when speed is vital and submit and follow progress of references online. Open banking is now included within all of our reference checks except from Initial.

We use best of breed technology, multiple data points and a highly experienced team to ensure we deliver a recommendation you can trust on every prospective tenant.

Salesforce is at the heart of what we do, and we leverage all the advantages of the latest PropTech and FinTech solutions, working with the best API providers to provide high-quality referencing that leaves no stone unturned. OpenBanking smooths our referencing workflow. It creates transparency and supports the swift turnaround you need. We justify multiple data sets for ID and fraud prevention, minimising the risk of issues arising after the tenancy has commenced. What’s more, our Tenant Portal tracking system is sophisticated – chatbots, AI and live chat facilities enhancing the user’s experience.

Our approach is an effective hybrid. It’s tech-based but backed with the dedication of a remarkable team. In a fast-moving marketplace, it offers the speed you need alongside accuracy and outstanding value for all types of tenant or tenancy.