LegalforLandlords was established by landlords. We saw the sky-high fees charged for legal help and the difficulties of getting good advice. We saw the confusion about new legislation, felt the frustrations of difficult tenants and we struggled to get insurance cover that met our needs. We didn’t like working like that, so we changed things.  We set up a business to help people like ourselves – and people like you.

Today we’re trusted by landlords with a single property or a huge portfolio. Our simple philosophy is that we are here to help – to make the life of the landlord easier. Our team are friendly and knowledgeable.  We provide excellent service at affordable prices and always deliver rapid results.  We know that our customers rely on us and we know that they love our complete package of legal, referencing and insurance services.

Call: 0800 840 7133 (Free advice line)

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Our landlord-focused services are only available to registered account holders, but registering is simple and free. Just a few details, an email account and you’ll have an account you can manage yourself, and full access to our pricing and online services. Signing up makes any future transactions faster and allows us to tailor the things you see on our website to your needs. To access the brightest and best referencing, legal support and insurance, sign up now.

Accidental landlords

Oops! You’re a landlord!  Even if it was never in your plans to let a property, there are times when it’s the best thing to do.  In those cases, a little expert help could save you an awful lot of heartache.

Part time landlords

When property rental is something of a sideline, you don’t need hassle and you don’t need extra work. You need someone on your side who’ll protect your interests while you get on with the rest of your life.

Professional Landlords

Even with a sound head for business, there are hard ways and easy ways to build your property empire. If you like the easy route, choose to work with those who know the sector inside out.

Referencing Integration

In today’s world, we’ve got access to some outstanding software, and more and more lettings agencies are choosing to work online. But switching from one platform to another for all the different tasks you do can be a pain.

We believe that online processes should make your life simpler and save you time and money. At LegalforLandords, we use Salesforce, the world’s favourite CRM platform as used by most FTSE100 companies. And because we’re big fans of integration, we’ve developed Salesforce to work with our other systems seamlessly and efficiently. We’ve extended that approach, and now some of the largest, best known and fastest growing online lettings agents –  including those using their own bespoke software –  are feeling the benefit of linking their CRM systems with our trusted referencing.

If you use bespoke software, or any of the lettings industry’s favourite software platforms – things like Rentman, Gnomen and LetMC – talk to us. Building the interfaces between these systems and ours can give your lettings agency a real competitive edge, save you time on data entry, prevent errors and speed up your processes.

It’s a connected world and we believe we can help you make the best of it. Work smarter, not harder – get in touch today.

  1. We understand your issues. We’ve had them and we know how to sort them.
  2. One point of contact for all your problems. We’re your friend at the end of the phone.
  3. FREE case reviews and legal advice.
  4. Superb value, fixed-fee services.
  5. Referencing, insurance and legal services that work together.
LegalforLandlords have been unbelievable, after buying a property in an auction the tenant soon stopped paying rent but was on a life time lease, I visited my local solicitor he quoted me £3,000 plus. LegalforLandlords quoted just £499, and had them evicted in half the time
Raymond Hiden, Private Landlord, Worcester