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Expert advice and fixed-fee solutions to help you manage difficult tenants, rent arrears and all your legal obligations.

You’re a letting agent, not a lawyer. You can’t be expected to know how to deal with everything, but if things do go wrong, it’s good to know that there’s an easy way to get things sorted.

We’re not talking about expensive solicitor’s fees, or major fights in the courts, that take months and months. We’re talking about simple, trusted procedures and strategies that will solve most problems, quickly, for a one-off, affordable fee. We’ll help you get back in control, protect your landlord, your income and your business.

We can help with:

  • Free advice and case reviews
  • Your legal obligations
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Rent arrears
  • Evictions
  • Debt recovery
  • Tenant tracing
  • New legislation and new responsibilities

Protecting your landlords

Any landlord who’s had to evict tenants, won’t want to go through it again. And if we’ve acted to get their property back, they’ll appreciate the reassurance of our included rent protection insurance.

Now there’s the option of even more security. Our premier Legal Product Package has the welcome safeguard of 12 months’ FREE rent protection and FREE tenant referencing. Let’s face it, we all like freebies, and if you can offer these comforting benefits to your landlords, you’ll be very popular.

Expert help through unfamiliar territory

We provide professional services to the rental property sector. We know how to get results for a simple, affordable fee. Let our actions put a stop to losses, property damage, voids and arrears.

Friendly and professional

We believe that you’ll want to talk about your case with someone who understands the issues. We’ll give you your own case manager – friendly on the phone, but entirely professional when it comes to getting results.

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Tenant Eviction Service Details

Eviction Step 1 (Legal Notice) – £159.00 + VAT*

For tenant eviction a landlord would generally serve one of two notices under the Housing Act 1988. A Section 8 Notice is a 14-day notice seeking possession due to rent arrears, nuisance or breach of tenancy. A Section 21 Notice is a two month notice to terminate a tenancy agreement and seek possession. LegalforLandlords often serve both simultaneously.

Eviction Step 2 (Court Proceedings) – starting from £1,158.00 includes vat and court fees

LegalforLandlords own specialist in-house eviction team are the leading experts when it comes to evictions and landlord / tenant law. Our expert knowledge and experience covers a very broad scope of eviction scenarios, and more importantly we are successful in every case. Our unrivalled knowledge, expertise and the efficiency of our in-house systems means we can offer our first class services at significantly reduced cost – and also dramatically reduce typical eviction time scales.

Eviction Step 3 Application – £359.00 +VAT

This is an instant service that will save you the processing time as we can load this directly on the courts system within 24 hours of receiving your instruction. Thus Saving postal times. The average time for a bailiff is anything between 6-8 weeks, although some courts are quicker.

Step 3 Inclusive – £699.00 +VAT

For more information click here.

Step 3 High Court Enforcement – £919 +VAT

The High court enforcement officers will evict the tenant under a writ of possession. The officers can evict the tenant usually within 5-7 working days. For more information click here.

Step 3 High Court Enforcement Inclusive – £1,199.00 +VAT

For more information click here.

Instructions to Process Step 3 and Step 4

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Debt/Rent Recovery Services

Rent Recovery Pre Court Letter – £30.00*

Show your tenants you are serious about collecting the unpaid rent.

  • Our pre court action letter will show your tenants how serious you are about collecting the rent. It can also be used as a warning against damage to property, complaints from neighbours, late payments and any other serious concerns you have.

In a large number of cases this is the only action required to recover the rent.

  • Some tenants build up arrears due to persistently paying the rent later each time, with various unlikely excuses as to why it is paid late. These tenants can be deeply frustrating for any landlord. Often our official pre court action warning letter is the shock they need to pay the outstanding rent.

Specialists in recovering unpaid rent and dealing with tenants

  • The vast experience of our in-house debt recovery team and our licensed and certified bailiffs is key to ensuring a fast and positive outcome to your debt situation.

Expert advice on the most cost effective rent recovery process for you

  • Our rent recovery experts will review your situation and advise you on what is likely to be the most cost effective route to recover the unpaid rent and the likelihood of a successful repayment and time scales for the process.

Other Tracing and Debt Recovery Services

  • Combined Trace - £119.00*
  • Rent Recovery Pre Court Letter - £30.00*
  • Writ of Control - £399.00 up to 5k and £499.00 5k plus
  • Small Claims Summons - £399.00 +VAT
  • Attachment of Earnings Order - £399.00*
  • Bailiffs Execution of Goods - £299.00*

* All prices are excluding VAT & court fees where applicable.