Your ticket to a new home

RentalPassport™ is a simple document that gives you more control when searching for a home to rent.

RentalPassport™ provides any potential landlord or letting agent with the assurance that you’re serious, financially sound and likely to prove a good tenant.

Think of it as your ‘letter of introduction’. It captures all the information a landlord or letting agent might need before arranging a viewing – plus it acts as a mini pre-screening, proving your trustworthiness as a tenant from the get-go. A RentalPassport™ accelerates the whole viewing and renting process.

What’s more…

You can sign up to be part of RentalCommunity, a free online hub where you can chat to other renters, get access to a host of incentives and discounts redeemable at over 60 retailers, and so much more.

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