Tenant Eviction Service Details

 Eviction Step 1 (Legal Notice) – £159.00*

To start the tenant eviction process a landlord would generally serve one of two notices to seek possession of the property. A Section 8 Notice due to rent arrears, nuisance or breach of tenancy or other relevant grounds or  A Section 21 Notice to end the tenancy agreement. LegalforLandlords often serve both simultaneously where appropriate and for commercial tenancies, the approach is slightly different. Please note that the current notice period for Section 8 & Section 21 is 6 months, and courts will reopen on 20th September 2020.

Eviction Step 1 (other services) from £99.00 +VAT

Commercial Notice to Quit £99 +VAT: Formal notice when a Landlord intends to end the agreement.

Commercial Forfeiture Notice £350 +VAT: Forfeiture allows a Landlord to end a lease because of a breach.

Abandonment Notice £159 +VAT: Is a written statement informing the tenant that the locks will be/have been changed and where to find a replacement key if they wish to return to resume the tenancy.

Lodger Notice to Quit £99 +VAT: Standard notice where a landlord wants to bring the agreement to an end.

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