Tenant Eviction Service Details

 Eviction Step 1 (Legal Notice) – £159.00 +VAT

To start the tenant eviction process a Landlord would generally serve one of two notices to seek possession of the property. A Section 8 Notice due to rent arrears, nuisance or breach of tenancy or other relevant grounds or  A Section 21 Notice to end the tenancy agreement. LegalforLandlords often serve both simultaneously where appropriate and for commercial tenancies, the approach is slightly different.

Eviction Step 1 (other services) from £99.00 +VAT

Commercial Notice to Quit £99 +VAT: Formal notice when a Landlord intends to end the agreement.

Commercial Forfeiture Notice £350 +VAT: Forfeiture allows a Landlord to end a lease because of a breach.

Abandonment Notice £159 +VAT: Is a written statement informing the tenant that the locks will be/have been changed and where to find a replacement key if they wish to return to resume the tenancy.

Lodger Notice to Quit £99 +VAT: Standard notice where a Landlord wants to bring the agreement to an end.