Tenant Eviction Service Details

Eviction Step 3 (Appointment of the Bailiff)

If the tenant does not leave the property following the expiry of a Possession Order or has left and not surrendered the keys, the next step is to instruct the Bailiff. County Court bailiff are often used as standard unless you have been awarded High Court Transfer. If you have a Possession Order, you should act quickly to fulfil this.

Standard Bailiff Appointment: £359 +VAT

Inclusive Bailiff Appointment: £699 + VAT

Standard High Court Bailiff Appointment: £919 +VAT

Inclusive High Court Bailiff Appointment: £1,199 +VAT

Ancillary Services for Bailiff Appointments:

If the landlord or agent cannot attend or if you have a problematic tenant we can arrange additional services to make your life easier during the eviction process.

Inclusive: We arrange to secure the property (main lock change/boarding) take photographs, meter readings and will provide a final check out report.

Ultimate: As per inclusive but including; a lock change, drain down, service switch off, removal of rubbish, remaining belongings to be neatly stacked with small items bagged, property cleaned, and gardens tidied. This service is designed to get a property on the market for sale in good order and we have a quick turnaround, between 3/5 working days.

House Sitting: When tenants only take minimal belongings a 14 day contact period is arranged for the tenant to attend the property to collect all belongings, price starts from £359 +VAT