Supporting St. Rocco’s, supporting families

FOURTEEN local businesses, including LegalforLandlords, have bought iPads for patients at St. Rocco’s Hospice to help them stay in touch with family during the Coronavirus crisis.

Giving back to the community is such a part of our company’s culture that it has become second nature. Whenever we feel we can help, we will, so when we heard about St.Rocco’s “14 for 14” campaign, we knew we could help make a small difference.

St. Rocco’s called on local businesses to donate 14 iPads so each of their 14 inpatients could keep in touch with family and loved ones during the Coronavirus lockdown, which has suspended all visiting to protect staff and patients. We were honoured to donate an iPad and are sending our love and well wishes to all at St. Rocco’s Hospice.

We’d also like to say thank you to St. Rocco’s Hospice for everything they do.

You can read the full article on Warrington Worldwide here.

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