Tenants’ Liability Insurance

A simple way to protect your deposit against claims for accidental damage.

Better Safe Than Sorry
Insurance, when you’re a tenant, can be a bit confusing. It’s up you to cover your possessions, but it’s up to your landlord to insure his/or her property and the building. So far, that’s easy to understand. But if you damage – even accidentally – your landlord’s property, furniture, or fixtures and fittings, your landlord can make a claim on you for the costs to repair or replace. This could be covered by your deposit, but if your deposit isn’t enough, you could end up out of pocket. And when you move from one property to another, either another rental or a purchase, there are always lots of expenses and getting your deposit back really helps.
Our Tenant’s Liability Insurance is designed to protect you, and your precious deposit from claims for accidental damage. A simple, inexpensive policy covers you for 12 months and allows you to relax in the place you call home.

What’s covered?
Our Tenants’ Liability Insurance covers you for up to £10,000 of accidental damage claims.