The service with LegalforLandlords is efficient and the staff's response to problems are good.
Lisa, Robert Bell
Always friendly, always helpful . . . I don’t like having problems, but I do like calling LegalforLandlords.
Kelly, Barlow White
We own a diverse portfolio spread over a wide area. Keeping track of our business is much easier now that we can rely on the support of an account manager who understands what we’re up against.
Emily, Property Power
LegalforLandlords have been unbelievable, after buying a property in an auction the tenant soon stopped paying rent but was on a life time lease, I visited my local solicitor he quoted me £3,000 plus. LegalforLandlords quoted just £499, and had them evicted in half the time
Raymond Hiden, Private Landlord, Worcester
"I would recommend your services to anybody, my tenant paid the arrears of £3,000 in full within 14 days of me contacting LegalforLandlords. I can't tell you how delighted I am with such a fast result."
Hisham Egdall, Private Landlord, South London