You can’t call 999 for every emergency

Our first responders are fabulous, but let’s face it, their job isn’t to sort the typical domestic emergency. Call them about a wasp nest or an electrical fault and you’ll get short shrift.

But if you’re a landlord and your tenant calls about a drain that’s blocked or a boiler that won’t work, it is an emergency. It needs dealing with fast, and we all know that rush jobs can be costly. As a landlord, sorting the issue can leave a big, unwelcome dent in your finances.

What are you going to do?

You could try trusting to luck, but good luck with that one – even the best-maintained properties have issues from time to time. Keeping on top of all your servicing obligations won’t prevent the lost keys or stop an ever-growing family of mice making your des res into their des res.

Forget keeping your fingers crossed. You need protection that’s practical, effective and affordable. We call it Landlord Home Emergency Insurance.

What’s covered?

Good question. This cover isn’t for landlords who ignore general maintenance. It’s for the good folk, people like you who do the right thing but still get caught out by unforeseen issues. You’ll be covered for:

  • Blockage, collapse or leakage of the water supply pipe
  • Sudden and unexpected failure of or damage to the internal plumbing system
  • Sudden and unexpected failure of or damage to the drainage system
  • Sudden and unexpected failure of your domestic central heating system
  • Breakdown or failure of the permanent domestic electrical wiring system and its components
  • Damage to the internal gas supply pipe following a gas leak
  • An emergency relating to the security, roofing, pests or loss of keys
  • And if our approved engineer deems the cost of a boiler repair to exceed the cost of replacement, a contribution of £250 towards replacing the boiler is covered.

Reassurance is just a phone call away

Our Landlord Home Emergency Insurance covers contractor fees for emergency repairs up to a value of £750. On top of that, if your property is uninhabitable, the policy will cover up to £250 of temporary accommodation costs for your tenants. It’s easy to take out cover, and once a short deferral period has expired, you’ll know that emergencies don’t have to be disasters.

Wouldn’t you like to be more relaxed about emergencies?

Of course, you would. It’s far, far better than the worry, the stress, the hassle and the cost. And because Landlords Home Emergency Insurance is designed especially for Landlords, you’ll know it’s just what you need: practical, effective and affordable.

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